Seeking Intimacy With God

The Lord is currently leading me to write a book. While in fellowship with the Lord, I sought His direction. “Lord, where is the void that I can fill? How can I edify my brothers and sisters in Christ? What is yet to be said that other books have not already covered?”

Over the past eighteen months, the answers came clearly and loud, yet in the silence of communion with Christ. The words now burn like a fire within me until they are committed to the page. Here are some snippets from various chapters of that work. I have no idea how long it will be until its completion.

As yet, untitled

“Undertaking to refine a rich spiritual life with the intent of mining deeper into the wealth of communion with God requires the cessation of all devilish hindrances. The enemy is quite adept at impeding our progress toward the higher inner life of supreme sanctification. These obstructions could rightly be described as noisy interference, like many radio stations all bleeding over onto our frequency.”

“All too often we make the mistake of relying upon self-effort in ascending the spiritual heights. Ideas and notions resound in our mind, drowning out the still, small voice of the Lord. Human intellect is a boon for the devil. That old serpent knows that we are incapable of attaining what we seek by means of our own thought processes, and those of us who feel intellectually superior are at higher risk in this regard. Our minds must be led by God in order to reach that desired state of hearing, submitting and following.”

“Be still and know that I am God. In these words from our great benefactor we learn the necessity of shutting down external senses, forgetting about all the weighty concerns of life, and simply waiting upon the Lord. Learn to focus upon His holiness and faithfulness. We are to cast our cares upon Him, because He cares for us. But first we must know Him and experience His presence within the innermost holy place. We first must simply be silent in the presence of holiness. Just as Eli, the High Priest instructed young Samuel. Our opening words to God, whether vocally or simply in practice should be: Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.” Our concerns will be taken care of God’s way and not how our minds think it should be done. Many times we will receive answers that do not seem to fit our questions. Because we are asking the wrong questions for those burdens to be addressed.”

“It is victory we seek in the attaining of spiritual maturity through intimate fellowship with He that is holy. Yet, for the redeemed, death is imminently required. There can be no survival of the sinful self. One cannot be raised to new life and remain in its glowing warmth while still clinging to remnants of the old self. We must succumb to the extinguisher of every vestige of the life that is passed. This is not relinquishing the true persons we were created to be. Our uniqueness remains intact, yet is purified and more fully developed than ever before—more beautiful than ever before. God’s will as spoken to the believer through the Spirit and the word of God is that extinguisher. He will reveal to us what must go and what should remain and be nurtured of ourselves.”

“The Spirit cannot be fully in charge until the old life has been rendered quiet. There is no possibility for two lives (in this case two natures) to simultaneously control any one vessel. We will obey one or the other and there is no middle ground upon which to compromise. Jesus would have us either hot or cold.”

“Picture yourself bringing a glowing smile to the face of the supreme lover of your soul. For it is blessing which He so vehemently desires to impart to us, and only we ourselves stand in the way of receiving an infinite flow of spiritual blessing. Each time we nail another of those fleshly and sinful longings to Jesus’ cross, our souls beam forth a bit brighter with the light of the Lord’s glory. It is His holiness working within us, bringing forth His glory. Just as a reflection of the “shekinah” glory of God remained upon and radiated from Moses’ face, so shall the beauty of God’s holy nature be reflected from our hearts and through the words we speak. This is for the benefit of all, that others too may see our good works: That praise may be induced unto the Father’s glory. Reflected from us and revealed to the world. This is our assignment. Our task is to constantly reveal and thus propagate the glory of God—the image of God on earth.”

“May we each one retain His glory upon our faces, as did Moses when he descended the mountain. Yet that glory faded over time. This is a profound indication that we must continue to seek God’s face—His presence, and hence constantly revitalize His glory on our faces and through our hearts. He is our perpetual spring of life giving water and we must pitch out tent there and never leave. We must remain in constant fellowship with God. “Pray without ceasing.”

“This then is why we seek intimacy with Him. This is why we long for the joy of His near presence often. Oh the power, the glory, the peace and joy that is demonstrated through the fully surrendered soul! Through the ones who’ve sought the Lord’s face and received counsel from Him. And who have submitted to His word. It is a glorious sight to behold: God’s redemptive plan fulfilled to the fullest it can be until the resurrection of the body at His coming.”

“In every phase of our Lord Jesus’ earthly ministry He found it essential to prepare. Before beginning those three years of ministry work He spent solitary time in much prayer and fasting, in the presence of the Holy Father. Preceding the selection of the twelve disciples, he prayed, apart from others, yet in fellowship with the Father and Spirit. He did not send out the seventy until seeking conversation with the Father. Immediately before His arrest and crucifixion, we see our Savior in the garden, praying, seeking fellowship with God. It is in and through that close fellowship that we too, are prepared for success in our various missions and ministries, as well as in carrying out the general commissions Christ has given to us all.” End snippets.

It is my hope that you will pray for this work. And if the Lord lays it upon your heart I pray that you will give your feedback on the few thoughts presented here which come from different chapters in this coming book. If you know of a topic concerning intimacy with Christ that you feel will help, please let me know, and we will pray together over it.

God bless you as you continue your transformation to be more like the Son of God.



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