The purpose of this blog is to encourage, edify & help equip the Saints of God, and to bring honor to the name of Christ Jesus.

Sheldon Bass: was ordained as an Independent Christian Minister, Author-Writer.


Currently serves as the minister of adult education/ “Elder” at West Park Christian Church in Indianapolis Indiana, under Senior Pastor Rob Wilkes. Creates content for multiple Christian websites and publishes in various Christian magazines.

Author of: Meet Him on the Mountain.

Wait… That sounds so stiff and formal, so below are some fun facts about me. But if you need more of the formal stuff, see my extensive profile on LinkedIn. FYI, I also blog here: Faith & Inspiration



  1. Loves God.
  2. Runs on coffee & grinds his own beans before each pot. Also runs on the love and encouragement received from brothers & sisters in Christ, and from his readers. Please like and comment, so he may remain energized.
  3. Blogs because he loves people and wants to glorify God, and build up his siblings in Christ, and share all the awesome things Jesus has done in his life with the world.
  4. Pet Lover: dogs, cats, lizards, you name it… If God created it and it’s alive he enjoys them. He often writes about his little dog, Gracie. What a character and furry ball of love she is!
  5. At last count, he has traveled to about 38 of the 50 Unites States. And has lived for at least 6 months in 16 different states.
  6. He loves his wife, Becca. (Had to add this one to stay out of the doghouse… I’m kidding!☺)
  7. Making people laugh makes him feel great! He was the class clown in school.
  8. Daydreamer extraordinaire, with a bad short term memory—stroke in 2008 (But lots of good came from it!)
  9. Has a super long bucket list, because he’s an adventure junkie!
  10. Enjoys being outdoors, especially in the untamed regions where God’s handiwork is so poignantly displayed. Likes to canoe down calm rivers, shoot the rapids in a kayak, rappel off cliffs, camp in the wild, live off the land & swim, etc, etc. Has had survival in the wilderness training.
  11. He’s a people person and loves to make friends with all kinds of folks, from homeless on the street to community leaders, politicians, seminary professors and well-known preachers and you. He likes to experience various cultures.
  12. Though he is biased about this, he’s a great cook and has created many of his own recipes. “My Seafood Salads are so good they make a hound dog bust his chain.” Yes, he has picked up lots of different expressions from the friends he has made while traveling.
  13. Can say “I love you” in 23 languages, so far. It’s just a thing he does, because he believes LOVE is the greatest thing there is, or ever will be.
  14. Studies many things, and is a lifelong learner. Examples: Medicine, healing herbs, natural remedies and Eastern med. He also likes History, especially the Jews & Ancient Civilizations. Apologetics, Animal Husbandry, Christian Psychology, Sciences: Genetics, Biology, Ecology, Life Origin sciences, etc, etc.
  15. Defender of the weak. Practiced in various Martial Arts. Expert with a rifle and handgun. But these days, he no longer likes guns. Pretty good with a bow and arrow.

“Well, that was fun, but enough about me. Let’s move on and talk about JESUS! ♥”



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