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♥ From the Heart

What is it that makes love real? In today’s world we say things like, “I love Chocolate.” Everyone understands that I don’t love, love chocolate, it’s just that I actually enjoy chocolate a lot. What I mean is that I certainly would not marry a chocolate bar or buy it a present because I love that bar so much, though I may take it out to a movie so that I may devour it. ☺

Love is an emotional feeling or sensation, but by itself that does not constitute love. That’s because love is something we do. It is a response to the feeling of love. And that emotion is a result of something that our mind has decided to do. We see, we like, we like a lot, and then it becomes an emotional attachment. But this is not yet love. It is when we act upon that decision to love that it actually becomes LOVE.

Love requires action. I like to call it “Love in Motion”. With this in mind, let’s watch a short clip that further explains love and one of its necessary attributes, if it is to actually be true LOVE. ♥

Click on the link below. For your convenience, a new browser window will open to take you to this clip. Thank you for viewing & may God Bless all of your relationships.

Love’s Relationship with Truth

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