Thought I Knew My Bible

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”Venturing into God’s love and wisdom is the greatest adventure any soul can experience.”


As I continue doing research for my next post, I hoped to offer something here during the interim—something that was a blessing to me, and so am hoping will bless my readers as well. My mom sent this poem to me—it’s one of those that I realized was expressing thoughts very similar to those I’ve had in the past. So I kinda sorta wish I had been the one to write it, but I did not, and the author is unknown. Whoever it was, I completely agree with their words and have experienced this lack, caused by my own slack, but also have often witnessed this dilemma in others.



I Thought I Knew My Bible


Yes I thought I knew my bible, reading piecemeal hit or miss,

Now a bit of Psalms or Proverbs, now a verse in Genesis.

Certain chapters of Isaiah, certain Psalms, the twenty-third,

Twelfth of Proverbs, first of Romans; yes I thought I knew the word.

But I found that thorough reading was a different thing to do,

And the way was unfamiliar, when I read my bible through.


You who like to play at bible, dip and dabble here and there,

Just before you kneel a weary, and yawn a hurried prayer.

You who treat the crown of writings as you treat no other book,

Just a paragraph disjointed, just a crude impatient look.

Try a worthier procedure; try a broad and steady view.

You will bow in very wonder, when you read the bible through,

And through and through.


Author Unknown


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5 thoughts on “Thought I Knew My Bible

  1. Blessings Sheldon and thanks for sharing the verse, as well as your thoughts. 🙂

    Our Bible is indeed a wondrous book, or books to be precise, that only increases in wonder, relevance and revelation the more we read and the more we grow our understanding. 🙂 It grows as we do and what we read as a child is not the same message we get as an adult.

    I’ve often struggled with the complexity though: not only is it written in two major and distinctly different formats (Testaments/Covenants), it is written for two distinctly different sets of people. Should those who follow/live in Christ follow the letter of the Law word for word as written in the Old Testament – did God intend that message for us to follow… or to read as ‘background’ material??

    Do Hebrews today need to read the New Testament and become Christian? Should they abandon their Faith to replace it with the Love of Christ who their ancestors leaders’ demanded to be crucified??

    I wonder why God never saw fit to write a ‘Bible for Beginners’ or ‘Bible Light(Lite)’ to kinda ease ‘us’, who don’t really get it all the first time (if ever!!), into the right ‘frame of mindheart’? 😉

    Jesus had a few days to spare in the wilderness, He could have put some simple paragraphs explaining His Message down on papyrus surely? I think it mighta helped. 🙂

    I put a few thoughts on Love down in a post you might appreciate? here’s a link:

    God is within you. Bob.

    • Thank you for your comments. I have a whole lot to say in response, but you’ve given far too much to answer in this comment forum, but I’ll just touch on a couple of things. Yes, the message we read as a child is different, but is not wrong and is not eradicated. It too, is right and true. I look at it as like an onion, with layers of meaning, and the more we mature in Christ, the deeper the meaning we will reach. That’s why it’s called the “living word of God”—it grows with us.

      The Old Testament teaches us much about God, the same God of the New Testament—He does not change. The Old teaches us about God’s holiness and His righteous requirements for to get into heaven. Through it we see how hopeless we are without the grace that He gives us, explained in the New Testament. We see that there is no possible way to be righteous enough by our own merit to be admitted into heaven. Hence our need for grace, hence our need for a Savior! People in Old Testament times were saved the same way we are today—By grace through faith. Their obedience showed their faith. They would perform animals sacrifices as ordained by God (faith must be validated by action or response). It was a picture of the Messiah yet to come. They LOOKED FORWARD to the coming Messiah, placing their faith in Him, showing it through the animal sacrifices God had commanded. This also showed how heinous our sin is in the sight of God. “Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” And “The life of a creature is in their blood.” Today we LOOK BACK at our Messiah’s (Christ’s) first advent, and what He acomplished for us, because we could not accomplish it ourselves

      Hebrews, or Jews do not need to abandon their faith to be saved and become Christian, they merely need to inform their faith that Jesus of Nazareth is their long awaited Messiah. They need to trust in Him alone, and not in keeping the letter of the old law (animal sacrifice, traditions of the elders, etc.) That’s not to say those things are, or were wrong,—they were right. But Jesus has fulfilled the Law, nailing its ordinances to His cross. The Old testament is Christ concealed, and the New Testament is Christ revealed. Yes the Torah, and Pentatuech still teach us about righteousness, and about what we are becoming in Christ—what a righteous life looks like. What has changhed from old to new covenants is that God has now provided the once for all time sacrifice for sin, by sending His Son to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. So we don’t have to do those bloody animal sacrifices anymore, because those sacrifices never actually took away sin, they merely showed the people’s faith in the Messiah that would one day come. Many Hebrews are still waiting for Messiah. They do not accept Jesus, because they did not understand His 2 separate advents, and what He actually came to accomplish the first time. They were looking for a King to set up an earthly Kingdom and set them free from the tyrrany of Rome (the world). It was prophesied that Messiah would do this. But Jesus is going to do that during His second advent, rather than the first. They still were viewing this from a worldly perspective. Jesus didn’t fit with what they wanted to see happen. I have faith that the remaining prophecies that Jesus as the Messiah has not yet fulfilled, will be fulfilled when He comes again. By His first coming He fulfilled the majority of Messianic prophesy. Here’s a link that might help in that regard.

      We never will arrive at perfect and complete understanding as long as our minds are finite. But we do learn far more than enough to know God, to be saved, and to trust Christ as the Lord of our lives, putting Him in control. Do we always have to know the “whys of everything?” Can we simply trust God as we did our earthly fathers when they said to do, or not do, something that we could not understand, being yet children?

      These are just a few thoughts, and I perceive that I’d love to speak with you in depth about these things. I perceive that God can use you to teach me many things, and hopefully use me to teach you as well. He works that way in response to us humbling ourselves enough to really hear one another. His Spirit unites us in Christ—even when there may be disagreement on non-salvation issues, covenant vs. dispensational theology, etc, etc. I love to listen in on conversations between the big guys—theologians who view things different from each other. And yet they love each other so much! because we are all one, in Christ! Praise God!

      • Wow! 😀

        Many thanks for your response Sheldon.

        I appreciate you giving me the ‘shortened’ version here in this forum, and agree there is much that can be said towards fuller understanding. (I’m a ‘need to know’ kind of guy! – you may have noticed?) 🙂

        I can also appreciate man’s two-fold nature of knowledge in the mind and knowledge in the heart (= Faith/Love) the combination of which i equate with Wisdom. 🙂

        We are of one mind regarding your first paragraph about being correct for our level of ability/growth. I still feel the Bible is not an easy book to read for small children though – or people with minds that have not advanced much more than when they were very young kids. Sadly i think there are far too many of us like that. 😦

        I think they get from the Bible more what is in them mainly – and i do not mean the part which is as/from God.

        Please do not take my comments to be in any way critical of God or the Holy Scripture I’m merely expressing a sadness that mankind largely interprets it’s True Message so individually and to best suit themselves…. or that is how it looks from my current perspective (which has lasted a while now).

        I’m not all that great on chatting by voice and the distances make face to face unlikely but if you wish to discuss more you could email me maybe?

        Just let me know in a comment as much of WP email is ignored these days! 😉

        One In Christ,


  2. Oh yes, this poem is so true! It wasn’t until I joined BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) that I really understood the value of reading the Bible through and through and through. Did one study on Major Prophets and another reading and learning from all the Minor Prophets. So eye opening! Thanks for sharing this poem. It encourages my continued daily reading and studying (I’m absorbing the book of Acts currently). BTW, thank you for visiting JanBeek. I hope my A-Z series inspires you to think happy thoughts 🤗💕

    • Thank you, JanBeek, for your encouraging words. Visiting your blog caused rays of happy sunlight to brighten my mind this morning. I encourage my readers to visit there also. Yes, God’s word is food for the soul and serves as a lighthouse to guide through the rough seas of life. Isn’t it amazing how we can study the bible for many decades, and yet continue finding deeper levels of applicable meaning for our lives? It is truly the word of God. Blessings.

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