Party Time


In New Orleans, Mardi Gras is lauded as a celebration that stands above all others. The fervor with which preparations are made and the energy that is put into such wanton partying certainly nears being unrivaled. But since when does drunkenness, debauchery, or simply an excuse to cast modesty to the wind deserve such acclaim?


Yes there are religious observances that are wed with this festival, both Christian as well as those enamored with various cults and Satanism. Christ does not hold hands with the devil, and neither do his servants. A true Christian is set apart as holy unto God and does not mingle with blatantly evil revelry.


It’s not that Christians do not party—they do, only their celebrations look much different than what is done throughout this heathen celebration.


In Christ Jesus is found the apex of joy and unsurpassable satiation of the heart, of the soul and spirit. The entire being: from the physical body, to the mind, and into the spirit washes satisfaction—a saturation of contentment flowing from God’s throne.


Rife with all good things, Christian celebrations always burst forth with praises, singing, shouting and dancing in joyous revelry in response to the richness of the abundant and eternal life our Savior affords. And as with most festive occasions there’s usually a lot of good food involved.


Magnify the mighty name of Jesus! Let His deeds be known!


Recount the blessings from His hands, and go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. Such good news of God’s amazing grace is cause for His acclaim, His glory, and for our celebration of the Lord’s exalted position.


Free yourself to celebrate the gift of salvation, and shout your faith from the rooftops. Let us parade down the streets with signs extolling our God’s holy virtues, His love and provision of every good and perfect gift.


Cause the Father of lights to rise and clap. Bring a smile to the face of Almighty God by celebrating His wisdom, His justice—His holiness and purity.


Let’s lift our voices to sing songs of thanks and praise. Let’s do so in the public arena, in our homes and schools, and in our government buildings. Nowhere is God absent, and there’s no place that His presence does not fill. For this reason all places are right places to acknowledge and proclaim His goodness.


I just want to celebrate! (As a teenager that was one of my favorite songs by the group Rare Earth.)  Never has that been truer for me than it is today, as I ruminate upon our glorious God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Let’s toast to His love, as we perpetuate that same love around the world.

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3 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. I have to confess… this is an area of faith i struggle with. I largely associate celebration with fleshy, rather than spiritual, rewards/desires/wants and see the Spirit as being a more sombre and introspective/contemplative connection. I guess this largely comes from the fact that the New Testament is my primary source of reference/contact with my Faith. There is not a lot of celebrating going on in there – just look how the Last Supper turned out. 😉 and Revelations is hardly the most joyous read or example of cause for celebration, on face value. And don’t get me started on the outcome of the saints who proclaimed the joy of Christ to a largely resentful and vindictive society.

    Thanks for giving me something to consider and work with though!


    • I completely understand your sentiment, brother. I hoped to get the reader to contemplate the contrast between inner peace, joy and contentment, with worldly type partying. Whether you approach this with a covenant type theology, or dispensational, the Old Testament reveals much of the way joy is expressed through worship in heaven, but then so does Revelation. A life in Christ is difficult, and yet God provides the strength, joy and peace that are requisite that we may celebrate His grace, His holiness, and His wonderful salvation. We can only imagine the coming wedding feast for the Lamb of God and His fully sanctified bride: the redeemed. And the celebrations we will have as we are reunited with loved ones. Through faith, we can celebrate. Blessings.

      • Thank you Sheldon. it is a rare pleasure these days to find someone such as yourself who speaks consistently positively and is able to lift both the spirit and the intellect. 🙂


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