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Recently, the Lord has led me to discover some fantastic blogs, websites & YouTube channels. He has ordained that you and I strengthen each other, and build up one another. “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1st Thessalonians 5:11)

That’s precisely what these great sites are doing, and I hope to encourage them to continue, while giving God the glory. I praise God for them and for you! I’m also sending out a big “Thank You!” to the authors themselves for their encouragement and uplifting work. They are being faithful to God’s word. It’s really awesome when they allow the Jesus in them to shine. Here’s an example from a blog named:

Reflections—All Me For Him “My Journey Through Life”

“Come out of hiding. I promised you that I would do things in you. When you feel like you’re being drawn back in, that’s when I am getting you ready to move. Take solace in my care for you.

I have placed you with people who will help you to grow, so that you can begin to do things in My Name. These people will help to pull things out of you that I have planted.  My kingdom waits for you to make these moves. Trust me to strengthen you. Be brave and courageous. Just begin to put one foot in front of the other and I will make the rest happen.  This is the year of change. I have given you wings and now you must fly. Just like the eagle was meant to soar, so shall you. Don’t hide in the background. That is not your place. Trust me my child. I know what is best for you. I love you forever.

There is no perfect timing, just my timing.

I Am with you always. You are being stretched.”


This spoke to my heart, setting me ablaze with motivation as the same Spirit who works in her said to me “These words are for you too.”

As confirmation, the Holy Spirit then led me to a minister friend’s new website, where I read the following.

Eagles Wings Ministry

The Eagle Story

One day a little eagle fell from his nest before he could fly.  The fall did not kill him,

   But he was greatly injured – as life will often do.

A kindly Prairie Chicken hen happened by and took the little eagle back to

    her home to nurse him back to health, which took a very long time.

As the eagle slowly healed, he grew up with his Prairie Chicken brothers and sisters,  

learning to run around on his two legs and peck in the dirt for seeds and grubs

neither of which satisfied his hunger.

Every once in a while, the eagle  would look up into the blue sky and see these magnificent birds stretching out their broad wings and soaring the heavens….

       “Oh how I wish I could soar the skies like them!”  he’d think to himself;

            But then he’d just lower his head and think, “But I’m just a Prairie Chicken and that’s all I’ll ever be”, as he went back to running around on his two legs and pecking in the dirt for seeds and grubs.

Well, the days, the months; the years went by, and the eagle finally grew old….and died.

    And he never did soar the skies as his Creator had intended for him to do.

Moral of the Story:  Your  Creator intends for you to soar like an Eagle!   But too often the hurtful things that happen to us tell us we are just a Prairie Chicken.  Happily, your Life Story does NOT have to end so sadly!                                                                                              (Read on to find out how…)


God is so good, and He wants to use you and me to help mold wonderful people. When edification is mutual, and we humbly give God the credit for our works, great things happen inside of us and we shine with His glory. Praise Jesus & Wing His Word!

Love to all.





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3 thoughts on “Your Blog/Site

  1. UniqueStyleCreates

    Thank you for sharing my post. I am glad to know that it was encouraging to you. I pray that we can continue to encourage each other into the life that God has planned for us.

  2. Amen, sounds like a plan ☺.

  3. Amen. Your gift will make room for you!

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