New Year Enlightenment

What was your New Year’s resolution 25 years ago?

Do you ever go back in time, in your thoughts, and listen to the words of your much younger self? It can be very enlightening. Sometimes I have to chuckle at the younger version of me. I recall billing myself as a “survivor” at twenty-five years old, before I’d experienced the depths of danger my future years would entail. Even though my statements back then may have presaged the fact that I would indeed live through several life threatening and harrowing ordeals, I had no way of knowing that at the time.

Now 57, I understand how blessed I am to have the Lord looking out for me. Maybe if I live to be a hundred and ten I could then rightfully say I’m a survivor. Yet, now, I know and acknowledge the fact that still being alive has more to do with God’s will, than it does my own capabilities.

Oh the inexperience, pride and naiveté of youth! But increasing in wisdom as time lapses should not cease simply because we’re older now. Looking back at my past, I can certainly see how I’ve matured and learned a lot since then. But what about the future me? Will I look back at this very moment and chuckle at the present me? How much wiser will you and I be in another quarter century than we are right now? It’s a humbling thought.

Imagine how much wisdom a man or woman would have been able to amass previous to the world-wide flood, before God cut down mankind’s lifespan. Some people lived for over 900 years! Back then, I imagine a person under a hundred years old would be considered immature. Of course, the passing of time does not automatically ensure an increase in knowledge, though, perhaps it should.

I like the old adage that says, “If you want to make God laugh just tell Him your plans.” The Lord must have winked at our childish ways many times before He allowed us the small taste of wisdom we enjoy today.  The wisest and oldest among us are but children in our thinking compared to God.

In light of these things, I find it comforting that the Lord leads and guides those who submit to Him. In His omniscience He always knows the right course of action we should take. He knows all and sees all. That, and God’s love for us are good reasons to do things the Lord’s way.

I’d be apprehensive to hear what kind of label God might put on me, the way I had labelled myself a survivor. However, the best way we can ensure a good review from our Heavenly Father is to trust Him at all times, and in every circumstance. Which translates to: follow Jesus closely and seek His counsel in all things. That’s the wisest thing we can do.

My New Year resolution this time around is simply to trust God more, to realize my own ineptitude without Him, and to submit to Christ in every circumstance life throws at me.

So far, I’ve survived all the times I spoke and acted out of ignorance. Yet, looking back there is evidence that I’ve increased in wisdom, because I never would have made that statement when I was twenty-five. Praise God for watching over and protecting you and I from our own lack of understanding.

I hope you’ll carefully consider God’s wisdom, and His love for you. I also pray that this New Year you will resolve to study the bible more than ever, and continue to grow and learn from His wisdom. Have a Very Happy New Year!

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